NRFL24L01 Transreceiver Module w/ Antenna

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1. Voltage: 3-3.6V (recommended 3.3V) V.
2. Maximum output power: +20dBm.
3. Power-down mode current: 4.2uA.
4. Operating Range: 1Km
5. Antenna Gain (peak): 2Dbi.
6. 2MB rate (Open area): 520m.
7. 1MB rate (Open area): 750m.
8. 250Kb rate (Open area): 1100m.
9. It uses 2.4GHz global open ISM band, with license free.
10. SPI interface facilitates the communication with MCU I/O port.


The NRF24L01 module is the latest in RF modules. This module uses the 2.4GHz transceiver from Nordic Semiconductor, the NRF24L01+. This transceiver IC operates in the 2.4GHz band and has many new features! Take all the coolness of the 2.4GHz NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA Wireless Transceiver Antenna and add some extra pipelines, buffers, and an auto-retransmit feature – very nice!
This board features a reverse polarized SMA connector for maximum RF range. And there is PA and LNA circuit on board, with the external antenna it can reach long distance than the one without these parts.
This module comes with the 2.4G antenna (2DB), with a 250Kbps transmission rate on open-air it can reach the 800-1K meters communication distance.
This wireless Transceiver module is an easy and suitable module if you want to set up your wireless communication system at a low cost!! It can achieve a good balance between wireless transition performance and cost!
You can easily add it with your own MCU/ARM/PIC/AVR/STM32 system! What’s more, this nRF24L01+ module is designed with the Power amplifier and SMA antenna This allowed you to use the wireless communication up to 1000 meters.

Features :
1. It uses 2.4GHz global open ISM band, with license-free.
2. Transmit power is greater than +20 dBm.
3. Support six-channel data reception.
4. 2Mbit/s speed makes high-quality VoIP possible
5. Multi-frequency points: 125 frequency points meet the needs of multi-point communications and frequency hopping.
6. Low cost: integrated with high-speed signal processing parts associated with RF protocol, such as: automatically re-send lost packets and generate acknowledge signal;
7. SPI interface facilitates the communication with MCU I/O port.
8. Facilitate the development for customers, without development RF part.
9. Software programming is fully compatible with NRF24L01 modules.

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NRFL24L01 Transreceiver Module w/ Antenna
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